From Living in Her Car to Weight Loss System Guru

Dani had a rough upbringing due in large part to her abusive, drug addicted parents. She said she hated drugs, but somehow found herself addicted to cocaine as a young adult. Living in Hawaii, she worked as a cocktail waitress and wasn’t making enough money. At one point she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on cocaine. Luckily, she survived and decided it was time to turn her life around.

Dani knew that saving up $4500 for an apartment would take her four months. She wasn’t sure if she could live four months in her car, and while looking around her car for inspiration she saw a booklet for a weight loss program and thought she might try selling them. Not having much to lose, Dani drew up posters advertising the program. She worked out of a phone booth, and when her first attempt at a sale failed she adjusted her strategy and made sales to the next 24 customers she called. There was one problem — in order to send the weight loss programs, the company needed an address. She was able to convince a liquor store to let her use their address, in what we hope was billed as an unusual cross-promotion where customers could get two kinds of six packs.

In her first year, Dani Johnson made $250,000. In less than two years she made her first million dollars. From there she expanded her sales, bought a weight loss center and then produced her own weight loss products. Today, Dani is a millionaire from her weight loss products and is also a motivational speaker.


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