From Living in his Car to Comedy Legend

In his 30s, Steve decided to follow his dream and become a comedian. The problem was that Steve had just split up with his wife and was giving 75% of his paycheck to her for child support. Also, this was the late ’80s and he was making $75 a week (about $150 in 2014 value).

That forced Steve to live out of his 1976 Ford Tempo for three full years. He showered and washed in gas station restrooms, pool showers and hotel bathrooms. If he was lucky he could land a gig where he they would put him up into a hotel room, but after that it was back in his car where he slept in the reclining front seat.

Eventually, he started to get steady work in stand up clubs. His big break came when he performed on Showtime at the Apollo, and he’s been on TV ever since. Today, Steve Harvey is a beloved comedian, best selling author, radio personality and the host of Family Feud, which found renewed life with Harvey as the host. Harvey is now considered to have a net worth of $100 million.


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